1. How do I measure my band width?
    To find the width of your watch strap you need to measure the width between the case lugs (see image which measures as requiring a 20mm wide strap). You may need to choose the closest size as the leather straps only come in even sizes, i.e. 8mm, 10mm, 12mm etc.

    Some of our metal bands have "spring ends" so will fit a variety of widths as indicated on each band detail.

  2. How long are Banda watch straps?
    The 8mm, 10mm and 12mm are approx 70mm on buckle side and 105mm on non buckle side. The 14-24mm are approx 75mm on buckle side and 115mm on non buckle side. The extra long (XL) bands are approx 80-85mm on buckle side and 120-125mm on non buckle side.

    Please note: sizes do vary slightly and all sizing excludes the buckle.

    We recommend measuring the length of your previous watch strap (not including the actual watch case) to work out if you need to order an extra long strap.

  3. How can I pay for my watch strap?
    We offer Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card payments.

  4. How do I care for my leather watch strap?
    Sweat and perfumes can affect the leather and discolour, so please avoid perfumes touching your watch strap. If you sweat a great deal we recommend either a water resistant leather or a silicone strap. Banda watch straps have a one year guarantee from faulty workmanship, this does not however cover general wear and tear or misuse.

  5. My watch has a curved fitting do you have a strap to fit?
    Banda replacement watch straps will only fit a standard straight fitting watch case, anything other than standard will require you order the strap from the original watch manufacturer.

  6. My watch doesn't have removable spring bars what strap will fit?
    Some older watches have fixed bars and therefore you will not be able to fit a standard Banda watch strap, we do however have a velcro and nylon strap that will fit. 

  7. Do I need new spring bars?
    Spring bars are the small bars that hold your watch strap onto the lugs on your watch. Usually you can just re-use these. We normally supply standard new spring bars with each new strap. Simply add a comment in the "additional comments" box on the "cart page" when ordering your new strap if you require something more specialised.

  8. How do I replace my watch strap?
    Place the watch face down on a soft surface. Inside the strap are spring bars that are used to attach the strap to the watch. Use a spring bar tool or fine tweezers where the strap attaches to the watch case and carefully press down on the tool against the spring bar, and gently pull inward toward the center of the strap. This should loosen and then simply detach the spring bar.

    Take the new strap and insert the spring bars. Check you are placing the correct sides of the strap as you removed. The shorter wristband should be on the same side of the watch face as the 12 o’clock spot. Replace the strap using the same method as before with tweezers or spring bar tool, making sure the spring bars lock in tightly to the case.

    If you have trouble understanding this there are many videos on youtube showing the process.